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Products stocked
Antiquax Brass & Copper Bath ()
Glass & Crystal Care
Antiquax Chandelier & Crystal Cleaner 500ml (500ml)
Antiquax Glass Cleaner 250ml (250ml)
Marble & Stone Care
Antiquax Marble Wax 100ml (100ml)
Antiquax Marble Wax 250ml (250ml)
Metal Care
Antiquax Copper & Brass Polish 200ml (200ml)
Antiquax Silver Polish 200ml (200ml)
Upholstery Care
Antiquax Leather Cream 200ml (200ml)
Antiquax Leather Soap 100ml (100ml)
Antiquax Leather Soap 250ml (250ml)
Wood Care
Antiquax Brown Wax 100ml (100ml)
Antiquax Brown Wax 250ml (250ml)
Antiquax Furniture Cream 200ml (200ml)
Antiquax Liquid Floor Wax 1L (1 Litre)
Antiquax Liquid Floor Wax 500ml (500ml)
Antiquax Quick Polish Aerosol 250ml (250ml)
Antiquax Wax Natural 100ml (100ml)
Antiquax Wax Natural 250ml (250ml)
Antiquax Wax Natural 500ml (500ml)
Antiquax Wax Polish Aerosol 250ml (250ml)

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